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Bulldog Players (Play)

The 2017 Bulldog Players’ Production





Thur., March 23rd: Comedy at 6:00pm      

Fri., March 24th:  Tragedy at 7:00pm

Sat., March 25th: Tragedy at 2:00pm; Comedy at 7:00pm

Sun., March 26th:  Tragedy at 11:00am; Comedy at 3:00pm


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Romeo & Harriet  Cast List

Director:  Brian Houg
Producers:  Nicole Morley , Julie Henry


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Welcome to the Bulldog Players!

We’re excited your 4th or 5th grade child is considering participating in this really unique experience.  The play is always a musical, and includes a double cast and crew of 40-50 children each.  Not only is the play a fun experience for the kids, it also helps build social and communication skills.  You’ll be surprised to see how much more confident your child is at the end of the process.

The play itself consistently knocks the socks off the audience (adults included!).  The kids work extremely hard and put on a very professional show.  We encourage you to invite family and friends – they won’t be disappointed!

Take a few minutes to click the links to the right.  Most of the questions you have concerning auditions, parent responsibilities, rehearsals, time commitments and scheduling conflicts will be answered, but feel free to reach out to the producers at if your questions aren’t addressed here.

About this year’s play…

Romeo & Harriet  puts the “shake” in Shakespeare!

With the help of a group of quarreling chorus members — Oregano, Carpaccio, Risotto, Prosciutto, Antipasto, Pesto, Mayo and Romano — Romeo & Harriet is a deliciously funny spoof of Romeo and Juliet.  Their comedic commentary seasons the show with laughter galore so actors and audience alike won’t even realize they’re learning about Shakespeare!  The stage is set in modern-day New York City, where clerks of the swanky Montague’s Department store and the second-rate Capulet’s Discount Mart meet in the street to trade insults.  Naturally, the heirs to these two retail empires, Romeo and Harriet, fall for each other, but don’t think you know the rest…  this musical has a happy ending!  It’s pure comedy with pie fights in place of duels, a nurse obsessed with paper cuts and Romeo dressed in a white leisure suit à la John Travolta. A fun collection of musical numbers – including rap and disco – underscores the hilarity!  It would be a real tragedy to miss out on this outrageous comedy!



CREW NOTE:  We will only need 6 crew members for this production.  Crew members must be able to quietly and efficiently work backstage during the show.

Step 1: Complete Online Application (for Cast and Crew)

Click on the link above to take you to our online Application Form. Complete the form in full and submit it. Some parts of the form need to be completed by a parent or guardian, while others should be completed by your child. Please refer to the Parent Responsibilities & Committees document to fully understand your commitment as a parent.  Please have your child present when filling out the online application.

Step 2: Pay Participation Fee (for Cast and Crew)

Click on the above link to take you to the Bulldog Store, where you will be able to pay your Participation Fee, as well as purchase other play items such as DVD’s and Make-up kits. If you would prefer to pay with a check, please pick up the Cast/Crew One Check Form in the school office. Please submit check and One Check Form with the forms below to the Play Box in the office.

Step 3: Submit Audition Form (for Cast only)

Click on the above link to open the Audition Form. Print the form and have your child complete it by hand, in his/her own words. Attach a photo to the form and submit it to the Play Box in the school office.  This form is also available in the school office.

Step 4: Submit Conflict Calendar (for Cast and Crew)

Click on the above link to open the Conflict Calendar Form. This is where all your child’s weekly conflicts will be noted. Print the form and fill out. Staple to the Audition Form and submit to the Play Box in the school office.  This form is also available in the school office.

Step 5: Attend a MANDATORY Parent Meeting

During audition week, we will host two meetings for parents of CAST members.  A parent or guardian must attend one of these meetings for the application to be complete.  Please refer back to the web page for the dates and times of the meetings.

A meeting for parents of CREW members will be held in February.

Applications are not complete until all steps have been completed.  

* There have been issues with some IE browsers.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari to fill out these forms.

Rehearsal FAQ

MANDATORY HEAT WEEK – PERFORMANCES:  Romeo and Harriet Rehearsal Schedule

Please sign up for a Rehearsal Supervisor shift on ivolunteer.  Please review the Rehearsal Supervision Guidelines before volunteering.