The Parent & Teacher Organization for Louise Van Meter Elementary, Los Gatos, CA

New Parents – Home & School Club Orientation

A Warm Welcome to Van Meter

We realize that starting a new school can be challenging, we are here to help you feel at home at Van Meter. The Louise Van Meter Home and School Club (“HSC”)  is a registered non-profit 501(c) organization, with a mission to support and supplement our children’s educational experience. Through volunteering and fundraising efforts we provide program and enrichment services, personnel and supplies that the school district is unable to procure, given budget constraints. Staffed entirely by parent volunteers, our tight integration with school events, teachers and staff allows us to provide our children a more rounded education. Through a wide range of services and programs including the school nurse, clay programs, Pumpkin Patch (our halloween party), Lego engineering and much more, we balance and enhance our children’s school experience. Got a question? email us

New Parent Survey New Parent Glossary

“How do I  join?”

You are already a member! At Van Meter we believe that all parents are an integral part of their children’s education and should be involved.

“How do I  stay informed?”

Our website is the main information source for the HSC, bookmark it and come back often. The school also has a website ( In your class you will also receive a Wednesday Envelope that is used to provide you with notices, homework and other flyers throughout the year. Don’t forget to check out our calendar which has all the important dates and events noted, like minimum days and meetings. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us (

“But wait, this is Los Gatos! Why are you fundraising?”


A common misconception is that we have ample funding. While we enjoy a wonderful community, our state provided funding per student is the lowest in Santa Clara county. Even with the addition of property tax dollars, we are not able to provide the programs that create a well rounded student experience. The shortfall in funding is bridged by our fundraising efforts and the generosity of our parent community.

“How can I help?”

We realize that you lead busy lives. Volunteering at the school can accommodate parents at all levels of participation. From highly involved committee chairs and board members to occasional classroom volunteers, we appreciate any level of involvement. Help us by filling out this short questionnaire so that we can get to know you better.

“But I’m not an accountant.”

We need all of your talents! We have such a variety of events that not all of our opportunities are clerical, far from it, we need people with talents from sewing to construction, web design, finance and more.

“I hear all these terms, what do they mean?”

We are glad you asked! From Bulldog Beat to Pumpkin Patch and beyond we’ve got you covered with the NPG – New Parent Glossary  😉

“Do you have a school store?”

We have an online store where you can buy spirit wear bearing our school mascot and  logo. Friday is spirit wear day at Van Meter and students can collect “bulldogs” in class as prizes by wearing  school colors. The store is also the place to purchase many other Home & School Club items, such as tickets to attend one of our community or fund-raising events, or products such as our annual Yearbook or Buzz Book (student directory). We offer donation, sponsorship and underwriting opportunities via our online store too.