A BIG THANK YOU to all the generous Van Meter families who have contributed to our 2016-17 Home & School Club Annual Donation Campaign. We’ve raised over $100,000, with almost 50% participation. These funds pay for supplies, programs and personnel crucial to our students’ education and wellbeing – academic programs, technology, staff, student enrichment programs, art, library, community involvement and more!

Ackalloor family
Adams-Hunt family
Akyildiz family
Amburgey family
Ankaitis family
Anonymous family
Anonymous family
Armstrong family
Arnoux family
Arroyo family
Aslan family
Aubrey family
Baker family
Bandy family
Banno family
Barney family
Basham family
Bassani family
Bean family
Beeman family
Bekerman family
Benjamin family
Bicknell family
Blakeney family
Boese family
Bond family
Borenstein family
Boyd family
Boyle family
Brady family
Braidish family
Bramer family
Breshear family
Burlinson family
Button family
Buu family
Calhoun family
Callaway family
Cantu family
Carpenter family
Casal-Montserrat family
Castillo-Golding  family
Chang family
Chen family
Chen family
Cheng family
Cheshire family
Cho family
Cho-Hammer family
Choi family
Chow family
Chun family
Clevenger family
Closser family
Cobb family
Cocchiglia family
Cochran family
Colson family
Colyer family
Cooper family
Cornelius family
Corral-Carmona family
Couch family
Cougoule family
Cramer family
Crisco family
Cumberland family
Curry family
Curtis family
Czyc family
Dailey family
Daly family
Davies family
Davis family
Day family
DeBusschere family
Decker family
Dehkordi family
Delgado family
DeWinter family
Dibowitz family
Diwanji family
Drew family
Dudley family
Dyal family
Ediger family
Ettema family
Fazio family
Fenchel family
Filby family
Fink family
Fischer family
Fisher family
Florio family
Fogerty family
Forbes family
Ford family
Ford family
Fors family
Freeburger family
Freiman family
Fry family
Fumia family
Gan family
Gaylord family
George family
Goulden family
Gouldrup family
Grabovac family
Han family
Harish family
Harris family
Harrison family
Hayden family
Hearney family
Hembree family
Hines family
Hinson  family
Ho family
Hoefer family
Hoffman family
Hoffman family
Holland family
Hong family
Hooks family
Hsia family
Hwang family
Hwang family
Idemoto family
In den Bosch family
Isaacs family
Ito family
Jamieson family
Jayasekera family
Jeong family
Jerome family
Jiang family
Joshi family
Kang family
Karamanolis family
Karu family
Kazakov family
Kelch family
Kilduff Siri family
Kim family
Kimmet family
Klarich family
Koch family
Koechlin family
Krings family
Kumaresan family
Kupke family
Kusanovich  family
Kushner family
Kwon family
Leaverton family
Leigh family
Lilja family
Lin family
Lu family
Lyles family
Maletic family
Mallur family
Malone family
Manor  family
Massa family
Masters family
McClellan family
McDonough family
Miyashita family
Moore family
Morley family
Naim family
Newell family
Niu family
Northrop family
Noy family
Ogawa family
Okubo family
Olcott family
Oppenheimer family
Osment family
Ottoni family
Ou family
Owais  family
Palik family
Pang family
Park family
Park family
Peach family
Peterson family
Petrich family
Peysakhovich family
Phan family
Pina family
Postek family
Purcell family
Rice family
Rich family
Robinson family
Rohde family
Roos family
Rosti family
Rotan family
Rufanova family
Rydell family
Saito family
Saul family
Schaevitz family
Schubert family
Schubert family
Scurich  family
Segall family
Shaeffer family
Shaham family
Sheehan family
Shegai family
Shetty family
Shyba family
Sinclair family
Sloan family
Slosberg family
Slover family
Smith family
Soley family
Sprich family
Sroka family
Stephens family
Sterling family
Strahs family
Stulskaya family
Sumner family
Surucu family
Takase family
Tate family
Thimot family
Thornton family
Townsend family
Trivedi family
Tsuruta family
Tulee family
Vantress family
Vasanth family
Ventocilla  family
Veres family
Vulakh family
Webb family
Weber family
Yip family
Young family
Zaler family
Zanni family
Zhang family
Zhang family
Zhong family
Zighelboim family
Zong-Thordal family